A Haiku for you


An uneventful few days, mes amis.

It seems as though the British girls have flooded the city this weekend. What strumpets! They are a cross between Sienna Miller and Baby Spice. Messy, disheveled hair piled into a nest on top of their head, layers of cardigans, leggings, and Flinstone-esque jewelry. Always a little pudgy from excessive alcohol consumption (or lack of sex). Ouh, that was mean.

Nothing else to report. I will be more exciting next week, je te jure! In the meantime, a haiku, inspired by my neighborhood flower shop (above).

See the ripe blossoms

In the damp Paris morning:

springtime in a cup

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One response to “A Haiku for you

  1. Hurrah to our British sisters, they are obviously having too much fun to worry about their hair and liberated enough not obsess about their weight – more power to them.

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