5 French girls to watch out for

These filles francaises are making their country proud. Keep an eye out for them around town, but beware, we all know just how friendly French girls can be!

Charlotte Casiraghi: At 21, Charlotte (daughter of Princess Caroline) is bringing back the glamour to the Principality of Monaco. We love her because she is beautiful, brainy (brilliant student and pianist), and discreet… dare we say, a role model? Give up the ciggies Charlotte, and you’ve got the job!

Eva Green: At 27, this bond girl is having a break-out year. Dividing her time between London and Paris, she is a captivating actor with a quintessentially french sense of style. We shall never forget her performance in Bertolucci’s The Dreamers.

Lou Doillon: At 24, Lou has the looks and acting talents of her mother, Jane Birkin (the most beloved expatriate in France). With a distinct rock n’ roll style and tomboyish attitude, she’s the kind of girl you’d like to be friends with… if she weren’t so fierce!

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: At 25, we can only imagine the upbringing this girl got from her editor-in-chief Mom, Carine. After graduating from Parsons in May, Julia will work in art direction for fashion publications. We’re sure she’ll still manage the yearly trip to St. Barth’s.

Marie de Villepin: At 21, this daughter of politician Dominique de Villepin ditched her econ studies at Paris-Dauphine and hit the runways. Snapped up by Givenchy for the new fragrance Ange ou Demon, we’re having a hard time deciding if Marie has a naughty side herself: gossip reports suggest a recent make-out session with a female friend chez Maxim’s! What would Daddy think?

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