Where’s Karl? Visit to 7L.


We all know La Hune. All too often, that fabulous Saint-Germain bookstore fills up the empty hour between 10/11pm before I go out to clubs. I prance in, wearing black velvet Stella McCartney stilettos, elbow length gloves, and no ones looks twice. But I digress…

La Hune is not the best book store. The big thing it has going for it are the long latenight hours.

The best bookstore in S-G is 7L. Opened by Karl Lagerfeld in 1999, 7L is a fashion/design maven’s paradise, stocked with Karl’s favorites, from rare editions of Japanese magazines to books by sculptor Richard Serra. Karl promises to add 7 new books a week, all guaranteed to be from his own ecclectic selections.

Stop in and let his brilliant inspirations rub off on you. You might even catch a glimpse of the man at work: 7, rue de Lille has been his photographic studio for years.

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