The Nespresso Phenomenon: Sweeping Paris faster than the Germans

The Nespresso Boutique is the closest thing you get to a CRACKHOUSE in the 7th arrondisement.

Walk down the Rue du Bac and you will see floods of people lined up on the sidewalk. Is it a tour group? Another strike?

No, they are waiting in line at Nespresso; and even if that line were 3 hours long, they would still be standing there patiently smiling! This is the Nespresso Phenomenon, which made itself haltingly evident over the holidays, as lines wrapped around corners with people anxious to get their fix. Maybe the Parisians are trading in cigarettes for caffeine.

The boutiques are part of a new strategy by Nespresso. Once just a small blip on the radar of the Nestle corporation, Nespresso is on its way to becoming a 1 billion dollar company. This means seriously innovative machines (such as the Porsche machine retailing for 990 euros), and 13 new boutiques in France including 4 in Paris. Most of all, it means sexy advertising…. ahhhh, George Clooney: me, you, Lake Como, and Nespresso.

If you can manage to work your way through the crowds of these Nespresso stores, it is worth your while and you might get hooked by one of the free samples.

Boutique Nespresso Bac
126, rue du Bac
75007 Paris

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