Let Paris keep puffing

Call me old-fashioned, but one of the things I love about Paris is the general nonchalance of the average citizen. Glass of wine for breakfast? Pourquoi pas. Public displays of affection? Bien sur. Take your dog into Dior? OK.

Not anymore. Paris is banning cigarettes indoors, and this time they mean it.

Thats right Hemingway, Fitzgerald, deBeauvoir, Sartre!! Go outside if you want to smoke! No more writing your masterpieces in our cafes!

I am all for banning smoking in the workplace, hospitals, schools, institutions, etc. But taking the Gauloises out of Deux Magots and Lilas is as unFrench as baseball. Smoking in cafes is a national pastime, like wine with dinner. When I see a french woman smoking, I think elegance and cool. When I see an old man enjoying a cigarette after his meal, I want to take a picture. Smoking is part of the national identity, let them stop on their own, and let us watch until they do!

Does it bother you that much?

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3 thoughts on “Let Paris keep puffing

  1. Valerie says:

    Yes, it does bother me that France follows the other countries with the smoking ban.. . France should keep its individuality and this includes the right to smoke as it used to be in public places… I hate seeing my country imitating the other countries about smoking…it does not sound French at all…it is probably due to invasions with foreigners who want to change our country to their image…

  2. grace says:

    You two sound like romantic fools. What about consideration for other people. This is a health issue, if I choose not to smoke then why should I be subjected to second hand smoke (which is no-joke-bad for your health) when *I* want to go to a cafe? Your precious cafes are no less french just because the air is safe and non-toxic. And…grow up…a woman smoking is hardly considered elegant anymore, it’s a filthy habit that causes chronic halitosis and wrinkles..which are so not chic.

  3. drea says:

    I have to say I love the new non-smoking Paris. I still can’t believe that everyone truly follows the rules! It’s like *poof* the smokers disappeared! I agree with Grace that it used to be awful sitting in a cafe – I can now taste my food and enjoy my wine without smoke…

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