Paris Hangover


For the funniest book you will EVER read on relocation to Paris, check out Paris Hangover by Kirsten Lobe.

The so-called “novel” is a first person account of one ex-fashionista’s move to Paris in 2002. Think Sex-in-the-City a la Rive Gauche. Ditching her sugar-daddy and swish fashion job in NYC, ‘Klein’ picks up and spontaneously moves to a small apartment on Rue de Verneuil (7). The novel/autobiography recounts the challenges and adventures of adapting to Parisian life, including the semi-abusive cheating boyfriends, the miracle of making a french girlfriend, and the spontaneous introduction to, well, a busy sex life.

Get ready to laugh hysterically, because for a first novel, Lobe hit the spot. In fact, I want her as my new best friend, since we live in the same neighborhood. I have had my eye out for her (she’s a six foot blond, former model), but no luck so far.

Paris Hangover is available at Shakespeare & Co., WH Smith, and of course,

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