Catherine B

Kelly Bag, Hermes

Forget the Louvre. The true masterpieces of Paris lie in a vintage store. Tucked away on an unlikely and charming street near the Marché Saint Germain, Catherine’s commands three storefronts of one of the most stunning vintage collections in Europe. Upon entry, fashion connoisseurs risk heart palpitations, hot flashes, and the overwhelming urge to max-out credit cards. The store, which specializes exclusively in Hermes and Chanel, boasts shelves upon shelves of Birkin and Kelly bags in perfect condition (waiting lists for the new ones are running around three years at the Paris Hermes), piles of Hermes scarves, one-of-a-kind Chanel blazers, and brilliant costume jewelry. The selections span decades of design, are in perfect condition, and include nearly all sizes. When asked how the store obtains such a caliber of vintage, the salesperson (with typical French indifference) replied, “Mademoiselle, the ladies of Paris come to me.” Most surprising of all, Catherine’s is so out of the tourist spotlight that you are likely to have the whole store to yourself. Magnifique!

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3 thoughts on “Catherine B

  1. It’s on Rue Guisarde and it’s listed as Les 3 marches if I remember well…
    I used to live accross the street back in 1999… not a friendly person indeed.

  2. I am so happy to see a post on this boutique! I discovered Catherine B on a recent trip to Paris and left France with the best souvenir a girl could hope for..a beautiful lambskin Chanel Jumbo with oversized interlocking CCs. Catherine B’s collection spans two boutiques. There is the tiny Les 3 marches at 1 rue Guisarde that is literally filled to the rafters with bags and accesories..and at 3 rue Guisarde you will find Catherine’s collection of clothing and accesories. The store also has an online boutique at I hope you all get the chance to check it out!

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